Friday, April 3, 2009

DSQUARED FALL 2009...Ball Gown meets Brooklyn

While browsing through this show, I couldn't help but think debutante meets...morning after? And it works perfectly. Its effortlessly grungy meets elegant, and I couldn't be a bigger fan. This collection seems to have perfectly combined every trend, from slim belts to socks with heels to animal prints to the layered look, not to mention they perfected the look of paired baggy hats with ball gowns, something no one other designer would even think of, but that's why we love Dsquared right? Not to mention they are paying tribute to every working woman out there with their addition of Starbucks cup and blackberry in hand.

update: one of NY mag's blogs panned this collection for being to reminiscent of the Olsens. What do you think?
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Erika said...

Don't forget that some were even carrying gossip magazines down the runway. Love. I featured one of my favorite looks from this particular show on Cafe Fashionista a couple of weeks ago.

Mark said...

What a beautiful collection. I loved all of them dresses. My wife wants the first dress, but it must be really expensive, so I'll have to stop buying Generic Viagra at least for a year.