Friday, January 30, 2009

MK + A

This is a video for Mary Kate and Ashley's clothing line, The Row, which is basically a bunch of comfy clothes that I really want but definitely made me stop and wonder who would actually spend $315 on a cute v neck shirt when you could spend twenty bucks and get the same one at American Apparel? Definitely a lot less funky MK and a lot more classic Ashley in this line. Supposedly you can find this line at, but I scoured that site and couldn't find anything, so guess not? However, considering it was designed by two fabulous girls who seem to have some sort of fashion spell over all of America, from their Wal-Mart shoppers to high fashion clientele, I'm sure they won't have any trouble finding customers for their pricey items.

I do have to say that their cheaper line Elizabeth and James is way more enticing than The Row. There are so many pieces that MK and Ashley would wear, yet you would be able to pull off as well. Although Elizabeth and James is more affordable than The Row, its still pretty pricey, yet the collection has a good amount of basic pieces with a unique spin. Hopefully one day I will somehow have enough extra money lying around to spend three hundred bucks on a v neck shirt, but until then I guess I will just spend my time wishing I could work for their clothing line, or be able to pull off the homeless look as effortlessly and somehow gracefully as MK does.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Here's to a Brighter Future

Sorry about the lack of updates guys! Who knew becoming an English major could be so time consuming! With all the disgusting slushy snow I have been trudging through to classes every day, I think there is no better time to look toward the sunny spring season and start thinking about the bright fashions that will be popular! This Botkier bag is a great size for an everyday tote. You can fit absolutely everything in here, and either use it as a hand tote or use the long strap for a classic purse look or to throw across your body as a side slung bag. My favorite part? The purple color is my obession. It can be found at for $650 ( I know! expensive!) but don't worry because I will be keeing a sharp eye out for a cheaper version!

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Monday, January 12, 2009

Patterns, Patent...& Sequins

Just because it's a new year doesn't mean you have to toss the idea of the mini skirt! This look is staying strong through the winter and into the spring, and designers keep designing the best minis! From simple black to fun prints to more wild styles, your best friend this season will be your versatile minis. My favorite I came across while browsing was the MINT JODI ARNOLD(right) deep blue sequined mini. PERFECT for a night out with the girls! You can find it at for $275, but if you ask me, the investment is worth it. Minis are not just for a fun night out, but are a perfect office staple for your everyday work attire. The mini on the left is available at for $265, and don't think just because the skirt is appropriate for the office doesn't mean it can't be styled into an evening outfit as well! If you are looking for a classic black mini, check out this adorable high waisted black linen skirt from urban outfitters for $58 (bottom). Day or night, interview or bar, this black mini is the perfect all around skirt.

If you are headed to that interview, try these black and white Dolce Vita flats available for $106 from If you are going out though, try these black Dolce Vita black patent "Chastity" boots to spice up that outfit! And the best part is, these shoes go with all of the mini skirt options!

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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hello Lover

I could find no other way to express the amazing quality of Christian Lacroix's new spring line than in the words of the ever fabulous Carrie Bradshaw. Christian Lacroix's spring 2009 line is an utter hit, and I'm thinking that the gearing of this collection toward the younger ladies crowd is going to pay off big time! The gorgeous exaggerated sleeves and the colorful and busy( in a good way!) dresses are PERFECTION. The collection ranges from beautiful more appropriate work attire to perfect girls night out outfits. And lets not forget that the LBD of this collection is no longer just a boring black dress, but a gorgeous deep cut form fitting embellished work of art. Thank you Christian Lacroix for reminding us of why we fell in love with fashion in the first place!

Oh One Shoulder, How I've Missed You!

I personally remember the one shoulder look being huge when I was in middle school, but don't worry, it's back in full force, and so many designers have gotten it so right this time! The two tops are by Parker and both retail for $141 at Both silk tops are absolutely perfect for spring and summer, and I personally think at least one one shoulder top is a great investment for the upcoming season. The black Alice + Olivia one shoulder silk dress is the PERFECT LBD for the spring season! The bunching of the fabric starting at the shoulder and cascading to the side of the dress is incredibly flattering and will do well to hide that little amount of winter weight! This dress retails for $368 at as well, but we deem it a necessary spring item!
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