Monday, March 30, 2009

Lovely Emily

Emily Blunt in a gorgeous shimmering blazer. Its amazing how one amazing piece can create such a beautiful photograph, don't you think?

image via fashionsquad

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Finally, affordable accessories, and you can find them all at URBAN! Except for the bags, sorry they were just too cute to not post though!
Sabina Dakota Tote $245 (Brown)
UO Metal Knot Necklace $78 (Gold)
Mixed Media Necklace $38
Sabina O Ring Satchel $298 (Blue)
Blue Skinny Leather Belt $20

I love the skinny blue leather belt, and its also available in pink, brown and black, the perfect and versatile spring accessory!

I Wish I Wish I Wish

I'm on a serious shoe kick, and this pair has moved to the top of my list. They are by Topshop, and are unfortunately $170. Not bad, but I am currently on the starving student budget and with the recent Hunter rainboot purchase(I couldn't resist...but sadly I don't mean the Jimmy Choo & Hunter rainboot), these boots are going to have to wait. But can't you just see how cute they would be with skinnies, a white tank and a cropped vest? Or with a casual blouse....oh the possibilities.....

And then they made rain boots...

I never thought I would be excited for April showers, but these Jimmy Choo and Hunter rainboots are too delicious to not do a daily rain dance. I fell in love the second I turned to the last page in Vogue and saw these beauties. They are shown in Vogue in brown, which I like better than the black, but I would be equally happy if I had either pair. However, at $395 a pair, I'm guessing I won't be one of the super chic jumping puddles in Jimmy Choos...sigh. Someone tell me I'm not the only one swooning.

Light Reading for Today

Thanks to a fellow blogger's post about her, I found Robin Givhan's Off the Runway and proceeded to read post after post for about forty five minutes, when I unglued myself from her blog only to start blogging about her. Its so refreshing to find a fashion writer who isn't afraid to call it like it is. She gives fair criticisms, and witty ones at that. If a designer sends a piece of crap down the runway, she calls it a piece of crap, not "edgy" or "unique." Not only that, but her compliments are pretty spot on, she's not going to call something beautiful just because its from a known designer. If you haven't yet read anything of Givhan's, go to her site immediately and be prepared to be entertained through all her posts, and for some reason I seem to be happier after reading her column than I was before. Bizarre, but just goes to show that her blog is pretty inspiring.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Camilla Belle

Camilla Belle is one of the most well dressed celebrities out there right now, and I am in love with her latest outfit! Her big bold bag is my favorite in this outfit, yet her headband is a close second. And with big sunglasses, skinnies and a simple white T with a casual black long vest...ADORABLE! I am looking for a big, bright bag for this spring and summer, preferably the one Camilla has...but that's probably out of the question.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Ok, after waiting for quite some time to declare my favorite spring collection, I finally found it. Thanks to a fellow blogger's pics of Luella's designs, I pulled up the entire 2009 RTW show and fell in love with every single piece. EVERY. SINGLE. PIECE. Luella's spring 2009 Ready to Wear line is absolutely charming. It somehow reminds me of Alice in Wonderland meets tea time meets spring meets fabulous, which has clearly shown to be the magic combination. There are adorable one shoulder dresses that are colorful and PERFECT for spring, and the rendition of the LBD for spring literally has me drooling. My favorite look was the look centered in the picture. From the bright pink hat with the veil to the bright colors contrasted with the simple black pants, down to the pink shoes, I found this look to be the standout of the collection. PERFECT. ABSOLUTELY PERFECT.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

B & S cover Rolling Stone

Leighton Meester and Blake Lively cover this month's Rolling Stone. Somehow, I think this cover works and is cute despite its potential to cross over into the trashy genre. And isn't it nice to see Blair so smiley for once? Thoughts on the cover?

Monday, March 23, 2009

Nicholas Kirkwood: Shoe Reinvention

Elle's latest issue showcased Nicholas Kirkwood's shoe line, which I easily fell in love with. His shoes are beautiful and fun, and best of all, different. He explains his line best when he says "I wanted to make shoes that were the antichrist to pretty pumps and kitten heels." His line is innovative and refreshing, and already amazingly popular...although quite unaffordable. One day day. For now I'll just admire this beautiful line and dream of the day that I will incorporate these shoes into my wardrobe...a girl can dream right?

Everything Looks Better in France

Looking at these pics from Paris, it makes me wish I was indulging myself in fashion in one of the most beautiful cities in the world...yet here I am in my dorm room living vicariously through the internet. Each of these pictures shows such impeccable style its hard to look away. My favorite is the first pic with the black blazer and frilly lilac skirt, complete with ripped tights, boots, black clutch, and a perfect adorable black hat to top it off. And don't neglect to notice how much the glasses add to the ensemble as well. I think the ripped tights are a trend that I can stand to let fade into the past, they really aren't adding anything to the fashion world in my opinion, but the outfit on this girl is so perfect that the tights don't even matter. Another trend I'm a huge fan of, yet didn't have the guts to buy into are the tight leather pants shown. They look perfect with a nice blazer and button up blouse, as well as being glammed up with ultra high heels. And the girl in the cheetah print coat? I think her look is evidence enough that when done tastefully, cheetah is a fabulous (and not tacky) look! Thoughts on these pics?

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Sunday, March 22, 2009


While I am a college student on a budget, I am also a girl who can't resist a good fashion bargain when I see one, which is why GILT.COM is so dangerous. However, the deals you get on that site are so worth the damage to your wallet, trust me! I have already made quite a few purchases, my latest being a Foley and Corinna bag I have been obsessed with since November, and I got it for three hundred dollars less than the original price. If you want me to send you an invite to the group, just leave a comment and I will be happy to! Trust me, its worth it

SJP as Diana Vreeland

Its so refreshing when a true fashionista takes on the role of... a true fashionista. Sarah Jessica Parker did it in Sex and the City, and she did it again in this month's Harper's Bazaare, taking on the role of Diana Vreeland (Vogue editor and fashion god). She epitomizes class, beauty, and her taste in fashion is undeniably superior, which leads us to wonder, does she have any flaws?

image via

Lykke Li

She's absolutely inspiring. After seeing Lykke Li (middle) perform at the 2008 Woodies in NYC, she became one of my favorite artists, and she truly is an artist, not just a performer. She puts together music, art and fashion to create her character, and I think she's one of the most authentic performers out there right now. Her album Youth Novels is incredible, go download it NOW! you won't be disappointed.

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Reign of TM

Taylor Momsen has quickly become a sort of fashion queen, and I finally admit that she deserves it. While I am embarrassed that her fashion sense far surpasses my own even though she is five years my junior, I readily admit that she deserves the title of Queen Bee Fashionista, even though I hoped one day I might be that. I guess her playing little designer Jenny Humphrey is completely appropriate considering she has a completely envious fashion sense. So good job little J, here's to hoping you come out with some sort of fashion line

images via fashioncopious

Spring is coming, and there are so many adorable colorful clothes from all the designers! If you saw this months Spring Fashion issue of Bazaar, I know you are just as excited for this upcoming season as I am. They had flawless spreads throughout the whole magazine, but the ones that caught my eye the most were impeccable and colorful! My favorite looks were from Isaac Mizrahi's Spring 2009 line. My personal favorite of the line is the top picture, which I found thanks to Bazaar. I think this look is so breathtaking with the coral cami underneath the pink jacket with the high neck and the feathered lilac skirt. Perfect. The flirty materials, the colors and the way each look fits the model so well makes this line one of my favorites for spring 2009. Not only this, but the you could pull this look off easily from garden parties to weddings to the office. Versatility at its best!

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Goodbye City....

After last night's finale, I will be the first to admit that I refuse to let The City go off the air for some time. The clothes on that show were unbelievable, and although calling Olivia the queen bitch is an understatement, I would never be one to say one harsh thing about her fashion sense. The drama was interesting but the clothes were mind blowing, and I'm not too excited about the return of The Hills and the flat same old drama we have been watching since season 1. Lets just hope LC goes into that sweet little closet of hers and pulls out some killer clothes so at least something will keep us watching. Check out The Cut's blog on the final episode of The City. Very entertaining and will make you want to watch the episode all over long DVF, hellooooo People's Revolution

Balmain Fall 2009 Ready to Wear: Whoever said the future looks bleak?

Balmain's Fall 2009 Ready to Wear collection is UNBELIEVABLE. The futuristic feel makes the collection feel so fresh and modern. I know you are probably wondering where all the color is, but who said color makes a collection strong? This collection rocked the runway with minimal color and was one of the few collections that stuck out to me. Everything in this collection is classic with a modern edge, from the high waisted patterned skirt to his incredible renditions of the LBD. The silver fitted dress in the top left is my personal favorite, but I'm wondering if I could ever even pull it off! Thoughts on these looks?

Monday, March 16, 2009

Classic black and white, and then adding some fur to the ensemble. LOVE LOVE LOVE. My favorite part is that her two accessories are her Chanel bag and a motorcycle. Thoughts on these looks?

Roma...Yves Saint Laurent

Sorry for being so off the radar! I just got back from traveling Europe for a week and am so angry that I don't have endless amounts of money to buy everything I saw! There is a street in Rome that has all the stores you could ever possibly want on it. Jimmy Choo, Ferragamo, Yves Saint Laurent, Gucci...I could go on forever. I fell in love with an incredible pair of shoes in Yves Saint Laurent, and only wish I had that 1000 euros to purchase them. The shoes inside this boutique were AMAZING! I loved the embellishment of the gold on the black stilletos, and the other shoes were very classic and gorgeous also. Thoughts?

Monday, March 2, 2009

Ready for Europe

After seeing this pic from Milan fashion shows on, I can't begin to contain my excitement for vising Europe next week. While my main reason for going is to visit my friends, I will never be without my trusty camera to capture the street styles of Rome, Florence, Barcelona and Amsterdam. After seeing this glam shot, I am thinking I shouldn't be going without a fitted blazer, and if I do, I better not come back without a motorocycle jacket! Am I the only one who finds this outfit unbelievably close to flawless?

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