Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Reign of TM

Taylor Momsen has quickly become a sort of fashion queen, and I finally admit that she deserves it. While I am embarrassed that her fashion sense far surpasses my own even though she is five years my junior, I readily admit that she deserves the title of Queen Bee Fashionista, even though I hoped one day I might be that. I guess her playing little designer Jenny Humphrey is completely appropriate considering she has a completely envious fashion sense. So good job little J, here's to hoping you come out with some sort of fashion line

images via fashioncopious


Shop Girl said...

omg I know what you mean with Taylor being so young and yet so fashionable...

thanks for commenting and reading my blog! I'll have to add you to blogs I follow so I can read yours!


Erika said...

When it comes to fashion Little J is well beyond her years.