Monday, March 23, 2009

Nicholas Kirkwood: Shoe Reinvention

Elle's latest issue showcased Nicholas Kirkwood's shoe line, which I easily fell in love with. His shoes are beautiful and fun, and best of all, different. He explains his line best when he says "I wanted to make shoes that were the antichrist to pretty pumps and kitten heels." His line is innovative and refreshing, and already amazingly popular...although quite unaffordable. One day day. For now I'll just admire this beautiful line and dream of the day that I will incorporate these shoes into my wardrobe...a girl can dream right?


Emz said...

Fantastic shoes. Could never wear them, but I can drool =)

Alyssa said...

Thanks for commenting!
I really love that you did a post on innovative shoes. It's my new obsession! There are so many different forms footwear can assume and I think the most daring and unique are the most attractive.
Hope to hear from you again! :)

Mark said...

Wow, those shoes are really fancy! I wonder how much would I have to pay for them? I bet not what I paid in a year on Viagra Online stores! It's time to please my wife, I guess, with some nice shoes.