Monday, February 16, 2009


It's fashion week and the shows are looking amazing so far. However, I found the most interesting show to be Jonahtan Saunders line. He has each of his models wearing their hair under a head scarf with minimal make up. I guess he's trying to show off the true beauty of his line and take us back to a more simplistic time? His line shows a lot of metallic materials with accentuated puffy sleeves and tight figure hugging dresses. However, his mini dresses do show a lot of poofy skirts, and seems like princess meets bold sassy patterns. A common theme through all his outfits? BLACK. Black fabric and black tights, so we are happy to say that black tights will once again be coming back with the fall. Am I a huge fan of this line? Not as a whole. Do I think he has some hits throughout the show? Definitely. The pic above was my favorite look from the show. Incredible detailing, yet not overwhelming and I love the mix of the metallic olive green and the sapphire. And I am a firm supporter of designers who go off the board, so Saunders is definitely is given props for creativity in my book.
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Monday, February 9, 2009

Allie Crandell...drop the rex comments

I know there has been much speculation about Allie Crandell from The City and the question of does she or doesn't she have an eating disorder. However, I think she has a great sense of style and thats what I chose to focus on...not her eating habits. From her wearing a red flannel top and pairing with a black soft headband and hoops, or her playing up the idea of super dark eyes and nude lips, this model has a great sense of fashion. Its always so refreshing to see a model who truly appreciates the clothes she wears! And by the way, you don't have to be stick thin to pull of her outfits. They would look great on anyone, not just a super teensy model.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

It Would be a Wonderful Life...

Every aspect of Alberta Ferretti's spring 2009 line is glamorous. From the many fur pieces to the chic business suits which would actually make you want to go to the office just to show off your clothes. It showcases the life of a fabulous working woman, with perfect simple dresses for a night out and business attire that screams fabulous. If I could choose one line to dress myself with, it would be Ferretti's spring line, and then I would promptly purchase a gorgeous loft on the Upper East side to match my fabulous wardrobe. Would be nice, but instead I'm a college student who just obsessively blogs instead. Oh well, one day, right? Lets just hope that the designers for the Sex and the City sequel see this collection, because this wardrobe was made for Charlotte! Congrats to Ferretti for actually making pant suits fashionable and appealing, two words I never thought would be put in the same sentence as pantsuit.
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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Don't ditch the plaid

A little taste of Gucci pre-Fall 2009 line. A little bit of punk inspired prettiness, and we love it!


Lanvin's spring 2009 line is officially the object of my affection. This line is impeccably designed, with a huge emphasis on off the shoulder pieces (finally!). Gorgeous, colorful off the shoulder pieces are present throughout the entire show with an added fabric clustering at the shoulder, giving it even more sass. Great black minis are also a strong part of this line, as are the ultra feminine suits (shown in pants and shorts). The pant suit pants create a long leg and offset any potential masculinity of this suit by creating a deep V and shorter sleeves on the blazer. I especially love the suit with loose fitting and a cinched waist in the blazer, finished by a prominent and adorable side bow. Lanvin's spring collection has proved that sexiness and femininity doesn't come from super tight itty bitty dresses, and I think I speak for many when I say I am in full support of that idea! So start toning those arms because I'm thinking the off the shoulder look could be the most popular!

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check out the rest of the show at under the fashion tab. you won't be disappointed!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Put these rumors to rest!

Never doubt the power of all black or of mixing blacks and browns. If I hear someone say you can't wear brown with black one more time, I'm undoubtedly going to scream! But fortunately, I don't have to because I think these fashion lovers from Stockholm and New York have proved those ideas wrong, thanks to So next time you're wondering if you can wear that brown belt with that black dress, just do it! Unless of course you put it on and its heinous, then don't. And for those who say all black is morbid and reminds them of a funeral, I say whoever said Morticia Adams wasn't glamorous? Colors don't always have to be a must, so don't forget to embrace the basics.
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Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Different Spin on "The City"

As I'm sitting in my dorm room on Sunday night staring at The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin(not finished due to the unbelievable boring qualities this book possesses) which is supposed to be read by my 10:10 am class tomorrow, I thankfully found much more fulfilling and interesting reading material in an editorial entitled "The City Has Utterly Failed Womankind," by Amy Odell at In an open and unabashed writing style Odell imparts supposed "common knowledge" lessons upon her readers that the cast of "The City" seems to have failed to remember. Not only has she hit upon a hot topic among girls ranging from ages 14-25(at least), but Odell is entertaining and surprisingly dead on throughout the piece, making the reader want to actually arrange a meet up for the cast of The City and this harsh writer. Here's a little peek of what I'm reading right now, which by the way, Ben Franklin doesn't hold a candle to (thank God).
"Lesson 1: Consoling a new friend who's just been cheated on.Don't: Look like you're about to laugh. Whitney has Allie over to talk about Adam's possible infidelity. Allie looks like a sad, wet dog. Whitney smiles with her eyes and ever so slightly with her mouth. Then again, how should she know better? We're still not convinced Whitney's not asexual, so we can't imagine she has personal heartbreak to draw from. Do: Convince your friend to dump the cheater and move on to hotter people. We don't understand why Whitney's not insisting that Allie dump Adam's ass, fine though it may be. She argues that since they date guys like Adam and Jay, they have "no choice" but to question their fidelity. However, if Whitney and her City sisters were indeed as fierce as the opening credits suggest, they would realize that healthy relationships don't come with questions, and if they do, they can (gasp) end them. Why anyone would put up with this bullshit is beyond us. "

Now before all you Whitney fans get upset with Odell's criticisms of Whitney, please read her entire piece, because before you can even begin to argue with her you suddenly realize she is right and however much we love Whitney, that girl could learn a bit from reading this piece. And another great part about this editorial? Odell hails Olivia as a smart bitch, bitch though she may be, but hey, I just personally think she's misunderstood. So now as I finally go to bed and snuggle up with good old Ben, I urge you to put whatever you're doing on the back burner for ten minutes and read Odell's piece, because trust me, in the end you will be nodding your head in agreement and-here's the shocker-watching The City with a little less blind enthusiasm and instead trading a few more skeptical glances with your girlfriends. And no fellow City fans, doubting dear old Whit is definitely not a bad thing.

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In the spirit of The City, my obsession and hopefully future life, I have decided to pay tribute to Diane von Furstenberg. After looking at her Spring 2009 collection, I realized major props were due to the fabulous designer! This season, DVF is using a lot of floral patterns and best of all, she accessorized each look with a unique Renaissance like headpiece. Now I guess we know why Whitney wore that head piece to The Hills season finale after party, but I think this look is meant to stay on the runway. The entire line is pretty and flirty, but the most important part is that the line is completely wearable and perfect for the upcoming spring. My favorite look? The model wearing an orange dress with a pink multicolored jacket cinched with a chunky black studded belt(second from bottom). Who would have thought black studded belts went so well with spring colors? The entire collection is centered on pretty floral flirty patterns, complemented by a fresh faced look with nude lips and darker eyes. I found the entire collection to be fresh and fun with a definite gypsy inspiration! It has a boho vibe with a little bit more of a classy twist on it, which I think makes this collection a standout among Spring 09.