Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Lanvin's spring 2009 line is officially the object of my affection. This line is impeccably designed, with a huge emphasis on off the shoulder pieces (finally!). Gorgeous, colorful off the shoulder pieces are present throughout the entire show with an added fabric clustering at the shoulder, giving it even more sass. Great black minis are also a strong part of this line, as are the ultra feminine suits (shown in pants and shorts). The pant suit pants create a long leg and offset any potential masculinity of this suit by creating a deep V and shorter sleeves on the blazer. I especially love the suit with loose fitting and a cinched waist in the blazer, finished by a prominent and adorable side bow. Lanvin's spring collection has proved that sexiness and femininity doesn't come from super tight itty bitty dresses, and I think I speak for many when I say I am in full support of that idea! So start toning those arms because I'm thinking the off the shoulder look could be the most popular!

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check out the rest of the show at under the fashion tab. you won't be disappointed!

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