Monday, November 24, 2008

Two Skirts: 2124 Chestnut St.

I cannot say enough amazing things about this store. Imagine fashion heaven and you still haven't found Two Skirts, an amazing boutique located in the Marina section of San Francisco. And no, this store is not like every other boutique out there. Not to mention that the clothing collection there is so perfect, but I found the owner to be lovely and very real. From Hudson to Tory Burch, this store is the perfect getaway for every woman. Thinking about taking a personal day soon? Spend it at Two Skirts and spoil yourself. My personal favorite today, a gorgeous bright pink one shoulder cocktail dress. Don't even get me started on their collection of clutches. I'm contemplating selling things just so I can take the money and shop at this store, and thats not a joke ladies. Trust me on this one.

PS. They are having a generous sale right now. GO!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Wink Wink

Think of the best shopping taste you could find in NYC, and you will feel right at home at Wink boutique, located in SoHo. If you aren't a NYC local, don't fret! Wink has created a perfect homepage for the shopping obsessed, and it will give a feeling more joyous than that of Christmas morning. Featuring icons of "as seen in," "accessories," "beauty," "apparel," etc, this site is the almighty of all shopping websites. If you are on a budget, don't even tempt yourself, because it will truly break your heart when you see the items you can't afford (trust me, first hand experience). Their accessories are truly to die for. I have never wanted to buy so many headbands or clutches in my life, and needless to say, I bought the headband pictured above and am now a self professed head band junkie thanks to this store. If you know what is good for this fashion world, go to this website and support this gorgeous boutique( Not only do they carry my favorite designers, Foley +Corrina, Alice and Olivia etc., but their own Wink line(shown above) is proven to come from exquisite taste. And if you happen to stumble upon the one in SoHo, you will find very helpful girls working as well as a perfectly quaint and not overwhelming store full of fabulous finds. Enjoy ladies, I know I did!

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Channel Your Inner Hippie

Fringe is not just a hippie trend anymore lovlies. Pick up a pair of Kettle Black Fringe Boots($365, 2nd pictured) and and pair them with a pair of leggings and a big sweater for a fashionable any day look. Not ready to bust open the bank for one pair of boots? Check out the Forever21 find ($39.80, pictured first). Seen on celebs such as fashionista Lauren Conrad and HSM alum Vanessa Hudgens, these boots will carry you through the grudingly long winter months with a refreshed love for the cold.

Bittersweet: The Chocolate Cafe

I have found the perfect location for an afternoon of sheer chocolate bliss: Bittersweet, the Chocolate Cafe on Fillmore in San Francisco. Always a fun place for people watching, not to mention delicious chocolate drinks and coffees, this cafe is an interesting atmostphere for a perpetual blogger life myself. Fillmore is a perfect place for fashion watch. My favorite fashion combination seen so far today: black tights with adorable rouched ankle boots and a gorgeous sparkly tan headband.

Style Spotlight: Hilary Duff

Whether its her everyday errand wear or her red carpet look, Hilary Duff has nailed the classy side of fashion. Her red carpet looks have been flawless over the past year, and her normal day to day wardrobe has put her at the top of my fashion books. I am a self proclaimed sweater lover and am in love with all the sweaters she wears, not to mention her attention to detail: her accessories. She always manages to throw in a discrete splash of color that pulls her look out of the ordinary. In Hil's case, credit is given where credit is most certainly due.

Winter's Must Have=Tights

I don't care if you are living in San Francisco or New York City, tights are a must have from east to west coast. For a chilly night, pair your favorite dress with classic black tights or funky colored tights for a reinvented outfit. Throw on a pair of pumps or boots and your outfit is ready, set, FAB! Not only are tights a perfect top off for your outfit, but they are oh so flattering for every body type! Try plain or buy textured to add a little extra spice to your outfit! Recs? Hit up Nordstroms for every possible type of tights you could dream of.
PS. If your dress/ shirt you are trying to make a dress does not sufficiently cover the rear, ditch the top and find something that fits for this outfit!

image via H&M 2008 Fall Collection


Foley + Corinna's 2008 Holiday line is utter perfection. They have countless cocktail dresses perfect for any holiday party as well as gorgeous tops that are perfect for a fun night out with the girls. 2008 Holiday Collection, hit or miss? Definite hit.
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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Daily Reminder

I know the majority of people are on a short lived "green kick," but lets remember that this earth can't handle all the crap we are putting into it, so please, recycle that plastic water bottle and resist the urge to toss your napkin out of the car window. Not only this, but there are great clothing lines that boast eco-friendly fashion. Check out the eco friendly section of shopbop, or check out my favorite eco-friendly brand, Zooey(pictured above). Their shirts fit excpetionally well and are definitely a good conversation starter! Remember, we will only get out of this earth what we put into it, so remember that the next time you don't want to walk that extra ten steps to the recycling bin. Peace&love.

How Many Ways Can You Say Flawless?

Stella McCartney's Winter 2008 Collection. So beautiful its almost unbearable.

The World of Gossip Girl

Who could resist the life of Upper East Side high school students cast into a world of sin and partying? If we can't live out this fantasy, then let us bask in the fashion aftermath of this sinfully delicious show. Whether it be the closet of Blair Waldorf or Serena Van Der Woodsen, the clothes on this show deserve their own press route. Looking for a holiday number to get you noticed? Then try Blair's 18th birthday top, a Flamenco Backless Blouse by Bill Blass. Pair it with a skinny black skirt and black pumps, and you have an outfit that will stop the masses. If you are more of a free spirited Serena, then you will find skinny jeans, fitted jackets and fun eye catching dresses are more your style. Whatever your style may be, the world of Gossip Girl has not just created characters with the perfect ratio of conniving and sweet, but it has also created its own following of fashion junkies. For Gossip Girl fashions, be sure to check out Fabsugars's gossip girl style section.

Lets Talk Nude

Nude Lips are big this season, so please pick up a complementary shade for yourself. And remember, the point is to not look washed out, but rather effortless. Balance your nude lips with a deeper eye shadow to pull attention to your eyes and leave your lips to complement the rest of your face. And enjoy the low maintenance life your lips now lead! My personal recs? Bobbi Brown Lip Color in Nude or Benefit Silky Finish Lipstick in Sugar Cookie.

Ri Ri and her Leggings

The Queen of Fashion herself and her Members Only Leggings are quite inseparable these days, and for good reason. These leggings are officially the new "it," the new fierce, the new sass. Pick up a pair of these from Urban Outfitters. They are form fitting and flattering (to most) and worn by the fab princess of pop herself. Enough said? I think so.


Little Black Dress. You must have a killer one for this season. Never to be forgotten, the little black dress is back in full force. And no ladies, this does not mean breaking the bank. Nordstroms has a fabulous collection (my personal fave being Maggie London) as does (personal fave Catherine Malandrino). From fitted to feathers, this seaons's MUST is the LBD.

Utter Simplicity, How Refreshing

Lauren Conrad's line has been bashed by some critics, claiming her line is too overpriced for its simple style. I am on the other side of the argument, and cannot say enough good things about her line. The thought of simple beauty has been buried in our culture, and I find it refreshing to see a line dedicated to the idea of "less is more." So please ladies, have some faith in our Laguna Beach Alum and pick up a few of her pieces. They are timeless that you will undoubtedly have in your closets for years to come. Don't knock her pieces till you own a piece. What better trend to bring back than the idea of true clean fashion.

The Next Jackie O

Whoever thought this country would see another First Lady as stylish and confident as the lovely Jackie O? Michelle Obama's style has proven consistently fierce while appropriate, as well as proving her to be a force to be reckoned with. Her timeless dresses she has worn on the campaign trail and in her and future President Obama's victory speech has proven that we have another timeless style icon about to be a figurehead for this nation. And who cares if her style is a topic of discussion. This shows that our country is once again starting to take notice and have some faith, and if that resides in her fashion sense, then so be it. Heres to the future!

'Tis The Season

Since it is the holiday season, everyone is very aware of that extra baggage that comes with it...that baggage being five pounds of extra you! Never something to freak out over, the battle of the holiday bulge comes around every year around the Holidays, and NO I am not here to discourage you from eating that stuffing or piece of delicious pumkin pie. So instead of freaking out about our extra, miniscule amount of poundage, lets learn to DRESS it. Remember, fitted outfits never bode well when good amounts of turkey and pie are to be eaten that night, not to mention fab cocktails. Some of the season's best looser fitting tops are absolutely gorgeous this year, starting with Diane von Furstenberg's line (shown), as well as a Generra cotton dress, both available from Shopbop. Please remember ladies, that loose does NOT mean unflattering and simplicity is sometimes more beautiful than fancy detailing. Enjoy your holiday eats please!

Embrace the Big!

Hobo bags are an absolute MUST HAVE of the season! Please don't miss out on this and deprive yourself of one. Whats better than a gorgeous bag that fits every single necessity a girl could ever need? My personal faves? Kooba Laine bag (on sale on shopbop!), Foley + Corinna Metallic Mid City Tote (pictured) and of course the Marc by Marc Jacobs Dr. Q Lil Riz Bag.

Spotted: Headbands on the Rise

A headband is a perfect fix for any hair do or disaster this season. Thanks to lovely Blair Waldorf, these former first grade only accessories are back in high fashion, and looking incredibly fierce. Put it in an updo for a fancy occasion or simply pull your hair back with this hair bling and you have put the perfect cherry on top of your ensemble. Check out or for a great collection of gorgeous headbands. My current favorite headband is from a perfect little boutique called Wink, located in Soho.'s new best friend

Just when you thought the outdoors look couldn't be flattering or feminine...think again. This season, designers have put their whole effort into designing fitted, flannel shirts. NO, not ugly, GORGEOUS. These shirts are simple yet pull together your outfit into that wanted " I don't care even though this shirt cost more than you would ever think..." look. And don't lie ladies, that is the basis behind this season's basic every day looks. My personal favs for these fun flannel shirts? Kettle Black Plaid Flannel Shirtdress ($110) or check out Urban Outfitters for some great, affordable flannel pieces. Pair it with some leggings or dark skinny jeans, a pair of boots and some Ray Ban aviators or wayfarers, and you have the complete outfit.

Say Hello to this season's best trend...deep purple

Hello dark purple, goodbye dull greys and blacks. This season's hottest trend is undoubtedly the gorgeous color purple, seen in beautiful deep hues across the hottest designers' collections. Complementary to any skin tone and flattering to most body types, please welcome dark purple into your wardrobe this season and wear it more often than not.

Dear Ripped Jeans...Stay in the Past

What has fashion come to if ripped jeans are back in style? I thought we left those at Abercrombie and American Eagle. An apparent comeback is being made in ripped jeans. Although appropriate for playing with your kids or painting your house, this is a fashion trend that I hope does not catch on easily...or at all. I dare you to disagree.

Gossipless Fashion

This blog is dedicated to FASHION. Alll types of fashion will be shown on this blog, minus all the celebrity gossip that seems to go hand and hand these days. This blog is simply about the beautiful clothes and accessories, and none of the voracious rumors and worthless stories that seem to be invading the world of fashion.