Saturday, November 22, 2008

'Tis The Season

Since it is the holiday season, everyone is very aware of that extra baggage that comes with it...that baggage being five pounds of extra you! Never something to freak out over, the battle of the holiday bulge comes around every year around the Holidays, and NO I am not here to discourage you from eating that stuffing or piece of delicious pumkin pie. So instead of freaking out about our extra, miniscule amount of poundage, lets learn to DRESS it. Remember, fitted outfits never bode well when good amounts of turkey and pie are to be eaten that night, not to mention fab cocktails. Some of the season's best looser fitting tops are absolutely gorgeous this year, starting with Diane von Furstenberg's line (shown), as well as a Generra cotton dress, both available from Shopbop. Please remember ladies, that loose does NOT mean unflattering and simplicity is sometimes more beautiful than fancy detailing. Enjoy your holiday eats please!

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