Sunday, November 23, 2008

Winter's Must Have=Tights

I don't care if you are living in San Francisco or New York City, tights are a must have from east to west coast. For a chilly night, pair your favorite dress with classic black tights or funky colored tights for a reinvented outfit. Throw on a pair of pumps or boots and your outfit is ready, set, FAB! Not only are tights a perfect top off for your outfit, but they are oh so flattering for every body type! Try plain or buy textured to add a little extra spice to your outfit! Recs? Hit up Nordstroms for every possible type of tights you could dream of.
PS. If your dress/ shirt you are trying to make a dress does not sufficiently cover the rear, ditch the top and find something that fits for this outfit!

image via H&M 2008 Fall Collection

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