Monday, February 16, 2009


It's fashion week and the shows are looking amazing so far. However, I found the most interesting show to be Jonahtan Saunders line. He has each of his models wearing their hair under a head scarf with minimal make up. I guess he's trying to show off the true beauty of his line and take us back to a more simplistic time? His line shows a lot of metallic materials with accentuated puffy sleeves and tight figure hugging dresses. However, his mini dresses do show a lot of poofy skirts, and seems like princess meets bold sassy patterns. A common theme through all his outfits? BLACK. Black fabric and black tights, so we are happy to say that black tights will once again be coming back with the fall. Am I a huge fan of this line? Not as a whole. Do I think he has some hits throughout the show? Definitely. The pic above was my favorite look from the show. Incredible detailing, yet not overwhelming and I love the mix of the metallic olive green and the sapphire. And I am a firm supporter of designers who go off the board, so Saunders is definitely is given props for creativity in my book.
image via NYMAG.COM

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Gloria C. said...

YAY for fashionweek!
More ways for me to procrastinate:P

I've yet to find something that has truly wowed me :(

I've only found one show that had pieces that I liked quite a bit of.

Hopefully my favorite designer will perform well...