Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Different Spin on "The City"

As I'm sitting in my dorm room on Sunday night staring at The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin(not finished due to the unbelievable boring qualities this book possesses) which is supposed to be read by my 10:10 am class tomorrow, I thankfully found much more fulfilling and interesting reading material in an editorial entitled "The City Has Utterly Failed Womankind," by Amy Odell at In an open and unabashed writing style Odell imparts supposed "common knowledge" lessons upon her readers that the cast of "The City" seems to have failed to remember. Not only has she hit upon a hot topic among girls ranging from ages 14-25(at least), but Odell is entertaining and surprisingly dead on throughout the piece, making the reader want to actually arrange a meet up for the cast of The City and this harsh writer. Here's a little peek of what I'm reading right now, which by the way, Ben Franklin doesn't hold a candle to (thank God).
"Lesson 1: Consoling a new friend who's just been cheated on.Don't: Look like you're about to laugh. Whitney has Allie over to talk about Adam's possible infidelity. Allie looks like a sad, wet dog. Whitney smiles with her eyes and ever so slightly with her mouth. Then again, how should she know better? We're still not convinced Whitney's not asexual, so we can't imagine she has personal heartbreak to draw from. Do: Convince your friend to dump the cheater and move on to hotter people. We don't understand why Whitney's not insisting that Allie dump Adam's ass, fine though it may be. She argues that since they date guys like Adam and Jay, they have "no choice" but to question their fidelity. However, if Whitney and her City sisters were indeed as fierce as the opening credits suggest, they would realize that healthy relationships don't come with questions, and if they do, they can (gasp) end them. Why anyone would put up with this bullshit is beyond us. "

Now before all you Whitney fans get upset with Odell's criticisms of Whitney, please read her entire piece, because before you can even begin to argue with her you suddenly realize she is right and however much we love Whitney, that girl could learn a bit from reading this piece. And another great part about this editorial? Odell hails Olivia as a smart bitch, bitch though she may be, but hey, I just personally think she's misunderstood. So now as I finally go to bed and snuggle up with good old Ben, I urge you to put whatever you're doing on the back burner for ten minutes and read Odell's piece, because trust me, in the end you will be nodding your head in agreement and-here's the shocker-watching The City with a little less blind enthusiasm and instead trading a few more skeptical glances with your girlfriends. And no fellow City fans, doubting dear old Whit is definitely not a bad thing.

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Erika said...

I'm kind of in love with your blog. You're right, our blogs are similar to one another - and we have a lot of the same taste in fashion. I added your blog to my link list; it's too good to resist! :)

Secretista said...

I love I want to work there. Such great writing.