Monday, March 23, 2009

Everything Looks Better in France

Looking at these pics from Paris, it makes me wish I was indulging myself in fashion in one of the most beautiful cities in the world...yet here I am in my dorm room living vicariously through the internet. Each of these pictures shows such impeccable style its hard to look away. My favorite is the first pic with the black blazer and frilly lilac skirt, complete with ripped tights, boots, black clutch, and a perfect adorable black hat to top it off. And don't neglect to notice how much the glasses add to the ensemble as well. I think the ripped tights are a trend that I can stand to let fade into the past, they really aren't adding anything to the fashion world in my opinion, but the outfit on this girl is so perfect that the tights don't even matter. Another trend I'm a huge fan of, yet didn't have the guts to buy into are the tight leather pants shown. They look perfect with a nice blazer and button up blouse, as well as being glammed up with ultra high heels. And the girl in the cheetah print coat? I think her look is evidence enough that when done tastefully, cheetah is a fabulous (and not tacky) look! Thoughts on these pics?

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