Friday, January 30, 2009

MK + A

This is a video for Mary Kate and Ashley's clothing line, The Row, which is basically a bunch of comfy clothes that I really want but definitely made me stop and wonder who would actually spend $315 on a cute v neck shirt when you could spend twenty bucks and get the same one at American Apparel? Definitely a lot less funky MK and a lot more classic Ashley in this line. Supposedly you can find this line at, but I scoured that site and couldn't find anything, so guess not? However, considering it was designed by two fabulous girls who seem to have some sort of fashion spell over all of America, from their Wal-Mart shoppers to high fashion clientele, I'm sure they won't have any trouble finding customers for their pricey items.

I do have to say that their cheaper line Elizabeth and James is way more enticing than The Row. There are so many pieces that MK and Ashley would wear, yet you would be able to pull off as well. Although Elizabeth and James is more affordable than The Row, its still pretty pricey, yet the collection has a good amount of basic pieces with a unique spin. Hopefully one day I will somehow have enough extra money lying around to spend three hundred bucks on a v neck shirt, but until then I guess I will just spend my time wishing I could work for their clothing line, or be able to pull off the homeless look as effortlessly and somehow gracefully as MK does.

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