Friday, December 26, 2008

Day After Xmas Sales!!

While some find the bustle and hustle of post and pre xmas shopping tiring, I find it to be the perfect daytime activity. Who doesn't love amazing sales and the competitve rush of grabbing that marked down top before the pushy woman next to you does? I found Juicy to have a great sale. My fav knock down? A black bow waisted mini skirt marked down from $200 to $130 AND its available online! Its the year of the mini, so why not take a great deal when you see one?!! I took the deal of a shirt marked down to a reasonable $70. It was a black sleeveless blouse with pleated detailing around the neckline and gold buttons arranged down to the middle of the shirt. A classic piece I can definitely get a lot of use out of.
Juicy had great winter coats on sale from warm wool fitted pea coats to fitted down jackets (long and cropped). Some say Juicy is overrated, I say one of the better sales out there. Definitely one of those days you wished you were made of money...

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