Monday, December 1, 2008

BOOTS! L.A.M.B, Steven, Annie Belen

If you are limited to one must have item this season, I have decided that a good pair of high boots must be your go to item. I am personally loving the dark brown this season, not only because they are so cute but also versatile and a little more fun than black! My finds? L.A.M.B's Vincent Boot in Hunter/Tan or black ($625.00, bottom) can be found at Nordstroms(black) or for other colors. Don't worry, there are also more affordable options! The Steven by Steve Madden 'Entrap' boots (middle) are gorgeous, well made, and quite similar to the L.A.M.B. option ($279, If you are currently embracing the beauty of the bargain, look here! CHEAP FIND: Annie Belen boots found on for $60.00(top image.)
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