Monday, December 1, 2008

'Tis the Season

I have decided that each day until Christmas I will be posting a new gift idea, from high price range to the more affordable. After recieving an adorable birthday gift (yes I am now the lovely 20) from my aunt from Sephora, I have been inspired to peruse their website and found many charming and affordable gift ideas. My fav from Sephora? The Sephora Brand Ultimate Blockbuster-Collections Edition. This is the make up lover's dream. With a huge variety of eye shadows, blush and lip colors, you can make tons of different looks from this one case. As an owner of this product (thanks to my aunt as well), I, as well as all my sorority sisters, am absolutely obsessed with this case. Not only is this product great for when you are home, but it makes traveling and packing make up super easy! So if you are thinking of giving make up this season, give this gift, found at for ($48). Did I mention the value of this product is actually $320, but it retails for $48! Steal!

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asegreto said...

I have that!!! It is amazing, everyone should get it